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Fire Furniture Table

fire furniture furniture 2

Want a really hot coffee table? A coffee table that few are sure to have and one that will make the ambiance of any occasion, check out the creative Fire Furniture. Set the mood in the absence of a fireplace, with this table you can still have a warm cozy night in. Available in 2 coffee table designs each with a burner kit and stainless steel plate. You have your choice of stainless table top with burner (90cmx90cm) or a wooden sliding top cover with hidden burner kit (60cm x 120cm).  Each table comes in the Schulte Design Woods.

fire furniture sliding top furniture 2

No need for a hard connection, the burner runs with bioethanol fuel. The stainless steel top will ensure the table won’t catch on fire, definately a plus when it comes to dealing with fire. For a hot night, check out Schulte’s Fire Furniture.

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