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Amazonas Globo Swing Seat

amazonas globo swing seat gardening outdoor

When you think outside swing, thoughts of hammocks or square wooden swings may run through your mind. But maybe now, when you think of outdoor swing you will think of the Amazonas Globo Swing Seat. It combines two elements that make it a must have for outdoor living. Wood is a favored outdoor furniture element but the splinters and hardness to it can leave you a bit uncomfortable when sitting in them. The Amazonas Globo Swing combines a European Spruce with a padded cushion seat that makes it comfortable and attractive.

The Swing Seat is most noted for its semi-sphere shape which gives it a retro-futuristic design that is sure to get a lot of attention and use in your outdoor space. The wood used is weather resistant which will allow you years of beautiful usage of your swing seat. The cushions are available in green, terracotta or cream cushions to match your existing design. It’s also available in a double globo swing seat. Learn more about the Amazonas Globo Swing Seat at Cocktail.

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