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Quick Inexpensive Bathroom Remodel

bathroom how to tips adviceThere is always a time when you want to remodel your bathroom. If you are simply tired of the look of your bathroom and want to do some updating without any major changes, we are here to help with some easy ideas. Just remember to fix up and not tear out. Here are some quick and simple ideas to remodel your existing bathroom without breaking the bank.

  • Repair – if your sink, shower or bath has cracks in them, you can repair them. You can buy a fiberglass/acrylic shower repair kit or you can install a liner. You can also refinish your bathtub, rather than getting a new one.
  • New Walls – use wainscoting for walls to cover your existing walls and give them new stylish life. Wainscoting is easy to install and easy to paint.
  • Paint – remember to look for the “oops” paint at your local hardware store for inexpensive paint. Do the painting yourself, the bathroom is a small area, especially when you take out the wall for the mirror and cabinets, that you can do yourself in no time at all.
  • Bathtub and Shower Liners – anyone remodeling and not wanting to change out the bathtub and shower should think about liners. They are a much cheaper alternative to replacing. They are not a permanent fix but can last for a few years.
  • Flooring – when thinking about flooring, your not dealing with much area so you can change out the flooring without being too costly. Laminate is a very easy install but tile is the best when dealing with bathroom flooring.
  • Decorative Mirror – A decorative mirror can easily be created by taking a plain inexpensive mirror and covering the edges with a picture frame. This gives your mirror character and helps hold it in place.

These are a few easy inexpensive fixes you can do to update your bathroom.

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