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Design Dilemma: Ideal Settings for Your Barbecue Grill

modern porch gardening outdoor

It’s prime barbecue season. Got some steaks sizzling on the grill? If so, while they’re cooking, you’ve probably also imagined just how fancy you could make your outdoor cooking area. So to inspire you to take your barbecue grill to a whole new level, we’ve collected some great examples of cool barbecue ideas.

contemporary patio gardening outdoor

The grill above is one of our favorites. Designed by Jack Merlo of Melbourne, Australia, the grill is hidden behind a section of wall that flips up when it’s use (providing protection to the cook from the sun or rain) but closes when the grill is not in use, to keep the grill protected from the elements. How cool!

contemporary patio gardening outdoor

What’s great about the grill above is the indoor/outdoor space where it is housed. The outdoor porch is sheltered enough and comfortable enough to hang out even on rainy and gloomy days. (It’s located in Portland, Oregon, after all.) And yet, it’s also unmistakably outdoors as well.

And if you like the idea of a sheltered barbecue area, you might also appreciate this one. It’s located on an upper level, which makes it a bit unique:

modern patio gardening outdoor

Can you find the barbecue in this picture?

contemporary landscape gardening outdoor

How do you feel about bringing the grill inside?

traditional porch gardening outdoor

And here’s a whole little “barbecue hut” in Los Angeles:

tropical patio gardening outdoor

Appreciate minimalism? The barbecue below is completely in keeping with the minimal, modern aesthetic of the entire home.

modern patio gardening outdoor

We’re also admiring the simplicity of this “green egg” smoker.

contemporary patio gardening outdoor

So what do you think? Ready to give your barbecue a little extra attention?… Oh, and are those steaks ready yet?

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