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Magical Forest Pool in a Contemporary Mansion

bcj3 architecture
Imagine coming across this magical and surreal vision in a sparsely wooded forest of slender Birches.

bcj4 architecture

It is the highlight of a luxurious mansion of a house set within a vast 12.8 acres of land.

bcj1 architecture

The pool extends out into the forest; terminating as it cantilevers over a seasonal creek.

bcj2 architecture

A massive, boxy living room soars to the height of a weighty stone fireplace, huge enough that its thermal mass would warm the space.

bcj51 architecture

Huge steel beams seem to be needed to hold up the roof.

bcj6 architecture

There is a sense of a safe dwelling in a giant treehouse, with materials and proportions that make an imposing connection to the gentle forest setting.

bcj7 architecture

A weighty material palette of wood siding, concrete walls, stone masses and expanses of glass suggest power and strength.

bcj8 architecture

The glamourous 13,000 square foot home set in Parkland, Utah is by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson architects.

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