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Design Dilemma: Stylish and/or Eco-Friendly Outdoor Furniture

It’s the time of year when the party moves outdoors. As the weather heats up and the days grow longer, it’s natural to want to spend as much time outside as possible — relaxing, playing, entertaining. And that means, it’s time to head out to the patio, veranda, balcony or porch. But what should we put in those outdoor spaces?

Here are a few ideas:

FGheryCollection gardening outdoor

The Frank Gehry Outdoor Collection is fashioned of plastic in Gehry’s characteristic sculptural style. It includes a chaise, bench and small twisted cube that can be used as a stool, seat or sidetable. It’s available as a collection (4 pieces) from HiveModern for $2,285.

dwrcabriochair gardening outdoor

DWR’s Cabrio Chair adds a burst of modern color to any outdoor setting, The weather-resistant chair gets special kudos as it is made of recycled plastic milk jugs. Designed by Greg Benson and Jefy Taly for Loll, the chair is currently on sale at DWR for $335.75.  It comes in an array of colors.

dwrgocollection gardening outdoor

Similarly, DWR’s Go Collection, which features the loveseat rocker above, adds a burst of cool to patios and verandas everywhere. The set was also designed by Benson and Taly, and includes a rocker, chair, and double loveseat rocker. The set is also made of reclaimed and recycled plastic milk jugs. It’s currently on sale for $731.

dwrMsRio gardening outdoor

Also available from DWR is the Ms. Rio ottoman, made entirely of  recycled flip flops. The ottoman not only looks fun and funky, but uses recycled soft rubber without any further manufacturing. It’s currently on sale for $297.50.

Finally, below, the grasshopper chair at Tectona, is the perfect outdoor chair for dining. Made by the Parisian furniture company, this chair was designed by Weiki Somers and costs 222 Euro. Although their store headquarters are based in Paris, they ship overseas.

grasshopperchair gardening outdoor

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  1. Anthony Says:

    Why does anything modern have to be OBSCENELY EXPENSIVE? Give me a break….

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