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Spain’s Pollution-Eating Ceramic Tiles To Debut at Solar Decathlon 2010

Ceracasa green
The first-ever ceramic company to be certified in energy management, Ceracasa is marketing a revolutionary system of 1 square meter tiles to build air-cleaning, plant-bearing, vertical garden walls that could make a serious dent in pollution – that it will showcase at this year’s  Solar Decathlon Europe to be held in Madrid.

Developed in conjunction with Maqla Architects and the Azahar Group (“we work for a better present and a bearable future” ) the company has created two kinds of tile that work in conjunction to actually suck up pollution.

The green plant-able tile is the Lifewall® tile. This is a porous ceramic tile that you can actually grow greenery in. These are drip irrigation-ready tiles into which seeds can be inserted and grown to create a green wall.

To work with it, and to actually make and feed fertilizer to the green tile; the ivory one is the Bionictile®, which has the astounding ability – for a ceramic tile – of turning pollutants into harmless nitrates.

This is serious science. In tests conducted at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, the tiles showed that they were able to actually decompose NOx pollution,

As a result – “An estimation of 200 buildings coated by ceramic BIONICTILE, would decontaminate an equivalent volume of 2,638 million of m3 of air per year. Or in other words, more than 400,000 people could breathe, within one year, air free of harmful NOx from vehicles and industries”.

The US Department of Energy-organized Solar Decathlon is to be held in Europe for the first time this year. Catch it there in June.

Source: Jetson Green

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