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WAVE hammock – on the wave of bliss

wave1 gardening outdoor

Remember the lazy summer afternoons in the backyard when you were lying on a hammock under the shade of the trees you hung it on? The WAVE Hammock by Erik Nyberg and Gustav Strom recreates that blissful feeling with a single difference – you no longer need trees for your hammock. The secret of its elegant design is in the single stand that holds the whole hammock. Made by electro-polished stainless steel, the stand goes from the ground to lightly form an oval shaped floating haven in which you can enjoy the nice weather. You can as well enjoy the not so nice weather as WAVE has a wide awning to protect you from rain or too intensive sun. Lie down, relax, feel the breeze… You can almost feel it, can’t you? – available at Royal Botania

wave3 gardening outdoor

wave2 gardening outdoor

wave4 gardening outdoor

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One comment so far to “WAVE hammock – on the wave of bliss”
  1. Buttons Says:

    Certainly a beautiful design, but don’t fall asleep prior to a wind storm!

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