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Glamorganic mansion in LA – Rich & Famous lifestyle at its best

glam1 architecture

4,800sq.ft. of pure luxury! Perched promontory above LA, California, this outstanding house reveals unreal views over the City of Angels and the ocean. Architects were lavish when designing this private single family residence, as it bristles with electric glass, bronze, stainless steel, chiseled granites and other rich materials. The “Glamorganic” house shines with 3 bedrooms and 4 baths, amazing outdoor dining room, mirrored tile pool, 2 garage bays, 4 fireplaces, terrace, and more. Winner of AIA 2007 Best Residential Design, this little palace is worth $7,850,000. We are sure it won’t be long before it finds its owner.

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5 Comments so far to “Glamorganic mansion in LA – Rich & Famous lifestyle at its best”
  1. bijou Says:

    Do you know if this used to be Randolph Duke’s home (or still is)?

  2. HDF Says:

    @bijou – yes this home was Randolph Duke’s home. It was recently put on the market for sale.

  3. bijou Says:

    That’s why everything looked so familiar to me, I know the people who sold the property to R. Duke. He did a LOT to it though. Very nice work.

  4. HDF Says:

    @bijou – Wow that’s amazing. It’s a very beautiful home.

  5. The Glamorganic Mansion in LA | StyleCrave | Men's lifestyle magazine Says:

    […] Resting amongst some of the world’s most exclusive real estate, this ~$8 million mansion is a contemporary retreat in the hills of Los Angeles.  Built for fashion magnate Randolph Duke, the Glamorganic Home is on the market now and prime for the taking.  See more of this one at [homedesignfind] […]

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