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Al Fresco Design at Zephyros Villa, Cyprus

Zephyros Villa 1 green
Via Homesresult comes the very sleek Zephyros Villa, designed by Koutsoftides Architects. Sited overlooking the ocean in Pomos, Cyprus, the home is almost entirely outdoors.

Most of the defined “house” is just roof. Or not even that – the whole center of the house is just a frame that is completely open to the sky. The result is a house that feels much more expansive and grander than it really is.

Just four boxes form rooms that anchor it in its four outer corners.
Zephyros Villa 2 green
On both sides of the central pool, the part of the roof over the outdoor living area is just a trellis.

Cooled by the large expanse of the central pool, virtually right in the central outdoor living room, the house reduces its demand on energy by encouraging the movement of water-cooled breezes through the seating area.

Zephyros Villa 8 green
The roof trellis can be closed to provide shelter for rainy days, and a huge full length screen wall can be drawn across the opening.
Zephyros Villa 3 green
To the side of that open air living room, the sleek modern kitchen anchors one corner of the house.

Zephyros Villa 4 green
The kitchen and the dining room are the two rooms anchoring the front corners of the building overlooking the expanse of sea. Full size windows slide aside completely, entirely opening the kitchen and dining room to the sea air beyond.
Zephyros Villa 5 green
Beyond the dining room, the narrow end of the house opens up onto a further porch area, supplying a serene view of the ocean to the North. (The center of the house supplies further views to the ocean on the West.)
Zephyros Villa 6 green

The serene and timeless simplicity of the design echoes the vastness of the ocean beyond.

Zephyros Villa 9 green
The plan shows what a well organized space it is. Note how little of the space is conditioned space (shown in white). More than half of the house is open to the breezes, including the lavish storage for clothing at the back of the bedrooms.

Zephyros Villa 11 green
Between the the master bedroom and the guest bedroom at the back of the house is a hot pool completing the central pool that cools the house.

Over sized doors to the bedrooms slide into the wall, just like the exterior screen wall does.

Zephyros Villa 7 green

This house was originally envisioned as a holiday house, but partway through the design process, the clients decided to simply move in permanently.

Even with their change in plans, they did not want to alter the architectural plans. Not surprising! Why save vistas like this for vacations!
Zephyros Villa 10 green
The super simple modular design is just void – box – void – box.  This view from outside shows that the villa is a smaller house than it seems inside.

You can see why the clients kept the design the same, even once they decided to make it their full time residence. It is a flexible design, not only suitable for a vacation house.

All living in Cyprus is essentially outdoor living, and breathtaking beauty is not just for vacationers.

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  1. peter bezen Says:

    great design, would like to receive some more information on size, is this a double or single story house, or 1 living level and lower level the depth of the swimming pool?

  2. Theodoros Says:

    Very beautiful architecture design. Congrats!

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