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Z-Shaped Cabin Enforces Outdoor Living

norway 3 greenPerched uncomfortably on a huge rock, this narrow new cabin from Norway’s Lund Hagem brings its own challenges as well.
norway 2 green
Cabin Karevold is a cabin for extremely hardy Norwegian souls. Every room opens right onto the great outdoors — and to the brisk Scandinavian climate. Each room – even each bed – opens directly to the huge outdoor wooden deck.
norway 1 green
The guests here must get outside if they ever need to eat or sleep or go to the bathroom, even if they don’t want to go outside.

Conversely, looking rather as if it is creeping up the stairs into the warmth inside is the gigantic rock the entire cabin is built around. Perhaps nature envies us for our warm and cozy homes that provide shelter from nature?
norway 5 green
On the other side, the gigantic rock is positively ogling into the bedroom windows of the very narrow Z-shaped cabin. Very discomforting architecture.

norway 4 green
The plan shows the topographic challenge of the unyielding rock. Via ModernResidentialDesign, the architect’s site makes mention of some expansive ocean views from the top level, but does not share these images with us. Perhaps they make this startling design a bit more relaxing…

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