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Ancient Architecture Blends Into 21st Century

Alemanys 5 1 green
The 16th century stone walls of this building in the core of Girona’s medieval quarter really do not look out of place with the Apple laptop dropped on this modern table. The spirit of restraint and wise use is evidenced in both, and typifies the work of the award winning architect.

Alemanys 5 5 green
Barcelona architect Anna Noguera converted this sixteenth-century Girona house into two contemporary holiday apartments, which can be rented through Welcome Beyond.
Alemanys 5 2 green
She uses an elegant brushed stainless steel to efficiently finish out the doorway in the ancient walls to update the four-centuries-old structure in Catalan.
Alemanys 5 6 green
The sober and clean lines throughout celebrate the timeless enjoyment of essential elements such as space, light, shadow, fire, stone, water or silence.

Alemanys 5 4 green

A fireplace set in the wall is completely of the 21st century. Yet the enjoyment of fire is common to both centuries.
Alemanys 5 7 green
The modern bathtub is concrete.
Alemanys 5 9 green

Noguera restricted herself to a palette of just concrete, steel, glass, or oak to offset the ancient walls.
Alemanys 5 8 green
Designed to be a holiday rental, Alemanys 5 overlooks Plaça de Sant Domènec in the Catalan city’s medieval quarter.

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