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Design Dilemma: Five New Trade Show Trends to Take Home

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Want to know what’s hip and new? Here’s a wrap up of 5 new trends spotted at this year’s furniture and design shows to consider for your home or next design project:

1. Big cushy couches.
We’re not talking about the big couches of the 90s. Rather, we’re talking about low-slung couches that manage to retain a modern profile while also being utterly comfy, the kind of couch you sink into. These types of couches (above and below, two examples from Italian maker Arflex) don’t have the slim profile legs that we’ve recently seen so much of in the mid-century modern revival. Rather, these couches hug the ground and flaunt big, downy cushions.

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2. Light, bright kitchens.

Yep, all that dark cherry and rich mahogany cabinetry in the kitchen is decidedly out. In, are light, bright modern kitchens. Designers are increasingly asking for white, or at least very light wood cabinetry. Even when kitchens are not ultra modern but rustic or eclectic, as you see in the kitchen below, everything is kept on a distinctly modern note with white cabinetry.

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3) More “fun” in fixtures.

Americans have always embraced the more traditional (some would stay stodgy) in design. It’s that rock-solid, salt-of-the-earth Restoration Hardware look. The Europeans, on the other hand, have often had a lot more fun when it comes to accessories and fixtures at home. Look for the trend in playfulness and whimsy to make its way even into the boring ol’ USA.  Below, case in point are the “Super Lights” by the German design firm Feiling & Peiz.

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4) Touches of green in housewares.

We keep running across bright apple and lime green things, especially in kitchenware.  Perhaps it is to complement the pink that we’re told is the color of the year for walls? Whatever the reason, the happy green seems to work well in the more playful tone going on in interiors these days. Below, you’ve got a green Kenwood Kmix toaster rocking a strong retro vibe. And below that, you’ve got Verilux vacuum cleaners to brighten up your day.

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5) A New Color Palette in Furnishings.

We’ve mentioned this before in regards to wood tones. Dark woods are out and blondes, ala Scandinavia, are in. But there’s also a whole new color story when it comes to upholstery and other furnishings. It is white, warm gray, chalky light blue, chalky acidic yellow, and coca.  Dark charcoal or black is sometimes thrown into the mix for a little punch.  It’s a citrus meets sandy beach feel that is decidedly fresh and casual.

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For the most part, we’re happy to embrace the new trends we’ve stumbled upon. After all, when it comes to interior design we all really need to lighten up a little!

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