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Another Eco Hotel in Sustainable Costa Rica

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Costa Rica’s Hotel Punta Islita earns rave reviews from Miss Ecoglam – a jaded professional reviewer of eco hotels – who abandons the resort she should be writing about to enthuse about this one, a spread-out series of small villas comprising a luxury eco resort in Guanacaste.

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Raves Miss Ecoglam:“I actually should be blogging about the Peace Lodge right now, which was where I was for the last few days but I am now at Punta Islita and had to write about this place straight away! Oh my god!  This place is incredible!  Hands down wins ‘Best Beach Resort’ from me!

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Miss Ecoglam especially loved the cool water Jacuzzi that offers a refreshing dip in the tropical climate, the free mangoes fallen from the trees and looking so pretty on the sandy ground, the yoga class in the treetops…

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…and that each cabin gets its own private lawn for naked romps (!)

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Hotel Punta Islita has been the recipient of numerous eco awards including Condé Nast’s Most Excellent Eco-Resort.

But most importantly, the resort has earned a 4 leaves rating in its groundbreaking Certificate for Sustainable Tourism (CST) from the Costa Rica tourism board for:

1- Proper stewardship of our natural and cultural resources;
2 – Improvement of the quality of life of the local communities; and
3- Economic success, that can contribute to other programs of national development.”

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CST isn’t an ecotourism seal. It is a set of performance-based standards that create guidelines that any country would want their development to follow, whether based on an ecotourism model or not.

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Developing real eco tourism without destroying natural beauty demands imagination and hard work, and the government of Costa Rica has put long-term sustainability and social justice at the forefront of its planning.

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Costa Rica has decided to use its resources to preserve, rather than exploit, the riches it was endowed with. As more and more travelers are looking for natural areas to visit, Costa Rica is reaping the fruits of its far-sightedness.
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Over a million people now visit the country annually, and part of what they’re coming to experience is one of the very few nations in the world that is run on almost 100% renewable energy.

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