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This Jungle Treehouse Apes Trees

Contemporary Tree House 1 architecture

This amazing open-air bedroom could only be in the tropics. Full length windows slide all the way back to make sleeping completely open to the air.

Contemporary Tree House 2 architecture

The contemporary treehouse in Nigeria is audacious in its embrace of completely open air architecture throughout, with a roof that hovers above the structure itself. So, what does hold the roof up?

Contemporary Tree House 9 architecture

The amusing idea of the house is that the roof canopy is supported by the “tree trunks” like the top of a tree — and is entirely unsupported by walls.

Contemporary Tree House 8 architecture

In fact, some the interior spaces do have glass clerestory windows, but their generous proportions, and the fact that they continue around the entire house, gives the impression that the open balcony continues throughout.

Contemporary Tree House 4 architecture

Both wood and metal are used sparingly, to define a structure that refers to a canopy of trees above.

Contemporary Tree House 13 architecture

The kitchen is spacious, but spartan, at the far end of the upper floor which spans from the open balcony at the front, continues through the open stairways to the lower floor, the living space and art gallery, and ends here at the kitchen at the back.

Contemporary Tree House 5 architecture

On the middle floor suspended underneath are the bedroom and bathroom, still close to the adjacent jungle.

Contemporary Tree House 6 architecture

These afford the opportunity for a bath luxuriating in the open air, yet in complete privacy.

Contemporary Tree House 10 architecture

On the ground floor is just the garage, and a cool sliver of a lap pool. The exterior is clad in blue slate tiles and a chalky white limestone cools the feet as you enter the water. Above can be seen the bedroom and bathroom.

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  1. tehmina interior design diy Says:

    wow this jungle theme is a attention grabber. l feel like spending sometime there.

  2. school architects Says:

    I love the way how this house is surrounded by many trees. It leaves a fresh feeling. It makes me love to stay there.

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