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Architecture for a Dangerous New Climate: Hurricane-Proof Resort in Japan

villa ronde 1 green
New architectural forms will be created as we learn ways to coexist with the more dangerous climate we are creating in this century, as a result of the choices we’ve made on our energy supply. So as the climate heats up, we will see more epic typhoons.

An explicitly typhoon-proofed structure built on Japan’s rugged coast from Ciel Rouge Creation – the Villa Ronde is one such architectural response.

villa ronde 2 green
The round shape of the sea coast structure encourages hurricane winds to glide around it rather than push through.

villa ronde 3 green
Almost cliff-like, the chalky white exterior on the coast would offer no purchase for coastal gales.

villa ronde 5 green
Once inside the resort, there are some awkward intersections between the circularity outside, and straight edged windows and sliding doors.
villa ronde 7 green
Rectangular-shaped furniture has been the norm throughout history. But the circular shape of the structure imposes some design constraints on interior furnishings.

So custom-built furniture has been built to echo the shape of the boundary. This is an unfortunate result, to my eye.
villa ronde 4 green
On the other hand, the rounded shape does also allow the creation of an inside courtyard that reflects the circular shape of the sky, while it moderates the driving offshore winds, creating a peaceful mild climate within.
villa ronde 1 green
On top, a lush green roof connects both sides to the hillside as a walkable garden that continues and extends the land around it, while moderating the temperature underneath, and reducing energy use. Built-in watering keeps it lush and green.

Perhaps, semi-buried circular buildings planted in the earth like this will set a new design vernacular for climate-proofing in regions prone to typhoons and hurricanes.

Via Architizer

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  1. EliteQ Design Says:

    This is totally amazing typoon-proof structure! The circularity shape design of this place and the panoramic view really caught me.

  2. phil allen Says:

    Yale's (? sport) Field House is prototypical for the entire subject of windstorm-resistant architecture.

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