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Massive PassivHaus Makes Thick Walls a Feature

oberen berg house 8 green
Huge windows pouring sunlight generously from the South and West onto dark floors make this a very modern updated version of the passive solar home.

The Oberen Berg House in Stuttgart, Germany was designed by Alexander Brenner.
oberen berg house 1 green

The home’s huge massive walls are extremely efficient at insulating the house, while creating an aesthetic that is powerful and serene at the same time.

oberen berg house 2 green
At nearly 5,000 square feet it may not seem very eco-friendly, but German PassivHaus concepts actually work better with large internal open air spaces.

oberen berg house 9 green
Over the years, the energy savings could well counteract the extravagance of the material needed to build such a large space.

Indeed, most of the space contained is simply – space. The minimal amount of material is used to define the space.
oberen berg house 4 green
The extravagance is simply in containing “territory”. The thick white walls and triple glazing on the glass throughout allow for well insulated space.

oberen berg house 3 green
Under the house, a geothermal heat pump helps the house keep warm through long German winters. On the roof, electricity is supplied by a very large solar system.

oberen berg house 7 green

Typical German efficiency shapes a very no-nonsense kitchen. The gorgeous view takes precedence over elaborate recipes.

oberen berg house 5 green
Designed for full use by a young and active family now, the house has been made so that it will be be easily sub-dividable in the future as the family’s needs change, reducing the need to move, which reduces waste generation.

Like the German Huf Haus, chic, large, solar-powered, and adhering to passivhaus design,  this generous and straightforward house is emblematic of a new German confidence in energy efficient living.

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