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Bleu Nature And Their Oh So Natural Products

bleunature qilak 1 green

Bleu Nature is a cool little French company that designs and sells interesting pieces of home wear made from metal combined with natural materials.

Their site is full to bursting with lights, furniture and accessories all in the same surreal style and  below are a few of some of their best offerings.

First is this incredible OCRA Lamp. As you can see from the picture the item consists of a metal lamp connected to a log base. The contrast between the uniform smoothness of the industrial metal at the top and the irregularity of the natural pattern of the wood make this piece a real treat for the senses.

bleunature ocra 1 green

Ocra would look great in a lounge or bedroom but would also shine in an office environment where the background of modern technology and computers would really make it stand out.

The TIMMIAT Chandelier below is strangely beautiful despite the fact it is a very unconventional light.

bleunature timmiat 1 green

Small pieces of reclaimed driftwood have been used to create this almost ramshackle effect. The light given out from the bulb is also gently softened by the structure of Timmiat making it feel less like electric light and more like natural sunlight.

This need to reflect nature is a theme that runs deeply through the whole Bleu Nature Collection and the fact that many of the pieces are made from salvaged wood just further proves that people behind this company are real nature lovers.

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