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Harmonic Environments’ Indoor Waterfalls

harmonicenvironments waterfall3 interiors

Harmonic Environments is a company with a very odd specialism indeed. It is hard not to get excited when you see their company slogan:

“Harmonic Environments- The premier maker of indoor waterfalls”.

Excited yet?

Harmonic Environments have this to say in relation to what their company is about:

“We founded our company based on the belief that people (and other creatures) need harmonious environments to soothe the body, relax the mind, and spark the soul. Today, when that mission seems more important than ever, we have further deepened our commitment to sustainability, and lead the industry in healthful green design.”

This particular waterfall below was created specifically for Porter Adventist Hospital and sits in their entrance hall. The combination of the skylight ceiling and the natural running water really do offer a realistic alternative to the great outdoors.

harmonicenvironments waterfall2 interiors

The next example is a smaller scale indoor waterfall situated in the office of Jump Trading. The setting of the waterfall is the complete opposite of the previous example as it is simply up against a brick wall in this photo.

harmonicenvironments waterfall1 interiors

The effect although different, is just as powerful it almost looks like a drain high up has burst and the water is racing down the wall!

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