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Cluny House From Guz Architects – Filled With Nature

Cluny Guz 1 green
Here is yet another gorgeous tropical house in Singapore from Guz Architects. Like their Fish House, Cluny House combines a clean modern glass structure with solar panels providing it with green energy, and like their Meera House, it incorporates the flat green lawns of the tropics, surrounded by lush greenery.

Like both of them, in Cluny House, a lush green roof is used to passively cool the bedrooms of a tropical house open to breezes.
Cluny Guz 8 green
Cluny House is organized around the edge of a reflecting pool that forms the focal point while it cools the air flow, so that the rooms are almost like a series of outdoor cabanas.

Cluny Guz 6 green
Lush reflected light from the pool is used to voluptuously day-light the white ceilings of  each of the indoor-outdoor rooms along the outer edges. No need for lights.

Cluny Guz 5 green
Guz reduces energy use to the maximum, and then solar panels on the roof forthrightly take care of energy provision.

Cluny Guz 2 green
Nature is integrated seamlessly into this peaceful and natural house, as with all their living spaces.

Cluny Guz 4 green
In tropical Singapore the cooling effect of the pool is as much psychological as well as real.

Cluny Guz 3 green

The transition between indoors and out is effected seamlessly.
Cluny Guz 7 green

A bench in the dining “room” is left in the original shape that the tree built the wood. It’s a reminder that all our materials are made by nature, in another refreshing and tranquil Guz house that’s inspired by the natural world, and yet human in scale.

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