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Dock a Boat Right Under a Floating Holiday Home

Mos Huron floating boathouse1 green
A casual summer boathouse-cum-holiday home was designed by MOS Architects with an internal dock to bring the family boat right into its own floating “garage” under the house.
Mos Huron floating boathouse2 green
Gigantic steel pontoons underneath the structure float it entirely on the surface of Lake Huron in Canada, the third-largest freshwater lake on Earth and the second-largest of the Great Lakes.
Mos Huron floating boathouse3 green
Simple and kid proof materials inside make it endure for many many memorable summers.
Mos Huron floating boathouse4 green
The goofy artwork is a reminder that the floating holiday boathouse is all about uncomplicated family fun.
Mos Huron floating boathouse5 green
But the bones of the boathouse are elegant and timeless.
Mos Huron floating boathouse6 green
When the fleeting summers with the kids are gone, this home transitions to a terrific retirement place for two.
Mos Huron floating boathouse7 green
Both for now, and for the future, patterns of light on the soft cedar siding and rainscreens will become lasting memories.
Mos Huron floating boathouse8 green
Happy times.

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3 Comments so far to “Dock a Boat Right Under a Floating Holiday Home”
  1. Frank Hanlan Says:

    I love the wood finishes and the windows look like they heavy duty and as if they are energy efficient. I would like to find out the square footage and energy efficiency rating of the house boat.

    The other thing that goes through my mind is the lighthouse covered with ice on Lake Michigan.

  2. Susan Kraemer Says:

    Interesting question. I'd contact the architect, linked.

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