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Suppose Design Uses Color to Keep Control

Suppose 1 interiors
Interior design site Chictip found this house by Japan’s very prolific Suppose Design. You know even from the outside that a restrained exuberance in colors will rule inside too. It is a very Japanese aesthetic.
Suppose 2 interiors
Color is used as demarcation, to organize the different areas and uses for each part of the house. Alcoves are color-coded for each purpose.
Suppose 3 interiors
The heart of the home, the kitchen, is marked off in bright red. I don’t think this red makes me feel hungry…

exactly, but it certainly calls for alertness and attention in putting together the night’s meal after a day at the office. It will serve to keep a tired commuter awake long enough to make something wholesome to eat.
Suppose 4 interiors
Performing the day’s ablutions organized by these cooling and refreshing limes would be a joy.
Suppose 5 interiors
Time to relax. Throughout , these clear and ringing colors control and organize the day’s decisions to keep you from getting off track.
Suppose 6 interiors
This soothing deep purple signals that the day is nearly over.  This part of the house is for quiet talks as the day closes.
Suppose 7 interiors
Looks like there might be a bedtime story to read first.

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One comment so far to “Suppose Design Uses Color to Keep Control”
  1. Lisa @ DM+A Says:

    The deliberate use of color is refreshing, but "wow" on the red kitchen. Design with all limbs in.

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