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Eco Glam Minimalism in Bali Wins Awards for WOHA

Alila Villas1 green

The design of the eco-glamorous Alila Villas Uluwatu in Bali would seem to take second place to its dramatic surroundings – clifftop sea views and crashing waves on the beach below.

The airy open plan design persuades sea breezes to circulate throughout naturally, keeping bamboo ceilings freshly aired. The minimal villas, designed by the award-winning Singapore architectural firm WOHA, have nearly all of their  living spaces outdoors.

Alila Villas2 green
Throughout the resort, all of the pools are chemical-free salt water pools.

Alila Villas3 green
It almost feels like you’re floating above the world. The 50-metre infinity pool is perched along the limestone cliff edge with a dramatic view to the Indian Ocean some 100 metres below.

Alila Villas4 green

Serene and minimalist villas are arranged in a cluster of buildings, terraces, pools and gardens. From one side, the view is infinite.

Alila Villas5 green

Viewed from the other side – you see no giant developments.

Winner of the 2010 BCI Green Design Award, the sensitive cabanas blend into nature with many eco friendly design measures that work together to reduce the long-term ecological footprint of the resort.

Alila Villas8 green

Sustainable measures include using local materials like bamboo, water conservation with rain gardens, and recycling grey water systems. Heat pumps are used for water heating.

Local plants from the special Bali Savannah ecosystem on the Bukit are raised in a nursery on site to encourage local bird and animal life.

Alila Villas6 green
With eco friendly design systematically built into the resort from the beginning, the Alila Villas Uluwatu will be the first resort in Bali designed to achieve Green Globe certification, the highest level of Environmentally Sustainable Design.

Alila Villas7 green
Materials are sustainable, locally sourced and recycled and provide local jobs. Each of the villas create blissful sanctuaries.

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  1. NYC Interior Design Says:

    Some great ideas for giving life to concrete. Often not only is the concrete ugly to look at, but there is usually a lot of it. They did an excellent job adding color to the floors.

  2. Frank Hanlan Says:

    I would appreciate learning prices for the units and how fast they have or are selling.

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