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Green “Transformer” Furniture Doubles Kitchen/Dining Space

Moove02closed green
Here’s a couple of great ways to live and entertain guests in a very tiny tiny space, without feeling that your pots and pans are looming over you as you raise a toast with your guests.

Your kitchen is right there, but hidden away, disguised as just another item of well designed but blandly inconspicuous piece of furniture. Your eye just slides right over it, doesn’t it?
Moove02open green

The Moove02 from Florida Smart Italian Design is a kitchen stove that slides out when you need to cook up the ravishing feast for your guests, but slides away when you all need to enjoy it in peace, even if that is just a few feet away.
Moove01open green
But, of course, cooking up a feast also might mean leaving a bit of a mess in the sink. How great if a cooktop and a sink could also disappear out of sight too till the guests are gone.
Moove01closing green

That’s just what this unit does.  Moove 01 slides the sink cabinets down to completely obscure the view to the sink and the cooktop.

As the cabinets are auto lowered, first the faucet and the sink itself has sunk down into the lower cabinet, as you see here. (Presumably the plumbing is all flextube!) Once it is fully lowered the top cabinet completely closes off the cooking area.

Space-saving transformer” furniture like this is very green, and the economics are great too because it means that you can occupy less space comfortably. Whether you are trying to squeeze into a tiny home, a container home or a tiny apartment, these space saver solutions will really work to double your space by using it twice.

Source: Treehugger

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  1. Frank Hanlan Says:

    What are tracks that can fit on a wall to allow cabinets and/or bookcases slid up and/or down called? Where can one find them for sale?

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