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Elegant Shipping-Container Studio on a Budget

MBArchitecture1 green
Maziar Behrooz of MBArchitecture created a very simple, free-standing garden studio for just $60,000 using two 40 foot shipping containers; for the winning entry in the 2009 AIA Peconic Design Award.

MBArchitecture21 green
Like all too many artists, the client had a limited budget to work with.

MBArchitecture3 green
The solution was to use two side-by-side 40′ long, 9′6″ high steel shipping containers.

MBArchitecture4 green

The back and the front are both entirely cut open for window space so day-lighting streams in at both ends.

MBArchitecture41 green

The soaring double height walls inside make for large inviting white spaces for artwork. Because the side-by-side shipping containers are set on top of the 9 foot foundation wall, the ceiling is a soaring 18 feet high, perfect for large artwork displays.

MBArchitecture5 green

The idea was to have a place that was functional as a working space, but would also be inviting and reflective, to encourage the alpha-rhythm of creativity as well.

MBArchitecture6 green

Outside, the bluntly industrial shipping container exterior is not disguised, merely enhanced with a coat of a sophisticated blue-gray paint that somehow works with the environment as well, while establishing its uber-gritty industrial design credentials.

Image: Francine Fleischer
Source: CubeMe

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4 Comments so far to “Elegant Shipping-Container Studio on a Budget”
  1. Kari Lønning Says:

    What a beautiful space, and fun post.

  2. Adam Says:

    Beautiful and very creative design.. Nice post.

    <a href="interiordesignschoolonline.net">Adam</a>

  3. Daniel Sokol Says:

    Great design and just beautiful. I wonder what the "modest" budget was in total.

    I wanted a studio and made one for myself ($8,000). Fully foam insulated, A/C, radiant heat, etc.

    Daniel Sokol

  4. Mr Container Says:

    Beautiful at all!

    i also love this one


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