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The EPA Wants to Help You Pick A Green Hotel

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If you travel in the US this summer, you can be doing something good for the environment. You can travel coast to coast staying in EnergyStar hotels – that have reduced energy use 35% or more, or (by using renewable energy) have reduced their greenhouse gas emissions 35% or more.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has put together a listing of EnergyStar hotels that have been independently verified to have met the EPA EnergyStar standard.
These hotels have energy performance in the top 25 percent of hotels nationwide.

The lodging industry spends more than $7.5 billion on energy each year. Reducing energy use by 10 percent across the industry could save $750 million and help reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 6 million tons annually.

Through Energy Star, EPA works with hundreds of owners and managers of hotels across the country to help strategically manage energy performance, cut energy use, lower utility bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Their online registry is updated daily with energy efficient buildings from coast to coast. Several popular travel search engines have also enhanced their online hotel listings to include properties that have earned the Energy Star.

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