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Exterior Sun Shades Reduce Energy Use

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Savanna trims provides a variety of architectural exterior louvers for building energy management, available from manufacturers such as Shutter Studio, who produced this bold exterior aluminum solar shading.

Because they moderate the sun’s power, exterior solar shades greatly reduce the energy used in building for heating and cooling. The difference between exterior and interior blinds or shades is considerable. There is no heating of the glass window when the shades are on the outside of the building.

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But that’s not all. Privacy can be skillfully designed from the outside in when the louvre blades are large enough. While the view out of this attic, at eye level, is unobstructed – the view up the outside of the building keeps its interior space private.

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Sun shades can begin at a vertical orientation, like in this patio shade.

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Or they can be at right angles to the sun at its height like these office building shades.

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They can be designed into the exterior to provide graphic interest, like these NACO Wood Louvres featured in Dwell recently.

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A far cry from the ugly plastic Venetian Blind, giant exterior sun louvres can be incorporated into commercial building exteriors and become part of the aesthetics of a building.

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  1. Dan Says:

    Incredible, I've never seem exterior shutters on such a grand scale.

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