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Capturing Huge Sky Views

Sotogrande1 architecture

A Cero’s newest piece opens up a piece of real estate we don’t think about often enough. We all have great view of the sky above our houses. Why do so few architects capture that? Instead we hunker down under roofs. A-Cero takes a good look up, and is inspired.

Sotogrande5 architecture
Both inside and out the Sotogrande House in Cadiz, Spain is dominated by the traditional white of the Mediterranean…

Sotogrande4 architecture
…traditionally white on the outside to reflect the suns heat.

Sotogrande3 architecture
It is a grand statement – glamorous by day or by night.

Sotogrande2 architecture
This is an elegant two-story sky-capturing summer home in Cadiz, Spain.

Source: Cubeme

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  1. Lightopia Says:

    What a light and airy home! Great use of natural lighting and natural space.

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