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First Skyscraper to Meet Living Building Challenge in Portland

Living Building1 green

The Oregon Sustainability Center is preparing to build a Portland skyscraper that meets the Living Building Challenge, with sustainability requirements far more ambitious than LEED.

Solar panels are to provide net-zero energy consumption, meaning that it uses no fossil energy: the cause of dangerous climate change and health-endangering pollution. The solar panels provide shaded outdoor covered spaces.

Living Building2 green

To maximize the solar access, the building has a 4 degree shift in orientation per floor, giving an organic look to the structure.

Living Building3 green

Water is to be recycled using the nature-based living machine system. After treatment it is discharged within the development. Oregon’s plentiful rainwater is to be harvested to irrigate the abundance of trees and plants in the building.

The natural transpiration from the trees are to provide nature’s cooling, no air conditioning is to be used.
The precepts of the Living Building Challenge cover site, energy, material, water, air, and… inspiration.

1. Responsible Site Selection
2. Limits to Growth
3. Habitat Exchange
4. Net Zero Energy
5. Red List
6. Construction Carbon Footprint
7. Responsible Industry
8. Appropriate Materials/Services Radius
9. Leadership in Construction Waste
10. Net Zero Water
11. Sustainable Water Discharge
12. A Civilized Environment
13. Healthy Air: Source Control
14. Healthy Air: Ventilation
15. Beauty and Spirit
16. Inspiration and Education

The building is to be used as a laboratory and educational facility to substantiate the certification. LBC certification is far more demanding than LEED, with the built-in requirement for zero energy and zero water footprint.

Source: Inhabitat

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