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Travel to the Costa Rica Jungle With a Click

El Remanso1 green
Here is a website with an unusual soundtrack. As you sift through the relaxing images of the beautiful sustainable architecture on the eco lodge website for El Remanso, set in 185 acres of a tropical rainforest adjacent to Corcovado National Park   …you gradually notice a series of strange, urgent cries, barks, bleats and chirps.

El Remanso2 green
The Remansa Lodge in the Osa Peninsula rain-forest of Costa Rica treats you to an aural preview of the ambiance there, with the sounds of the jungle ricocheting around you.

El Remanso3 green

These are the sounds that would surround you if you were there, and once you hear this overwhelming racket you realize why the sounds of the jungle are incorporated into the web site.

El Remanso4 green

The soundscape is more than half the experience of being there. That sound and waterfall rappelling, that sound and hikes in the forest and that sound and watching monkeys swinging around you, that is. Refreshing.

Source: El Remanso

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