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Furniture Made From Recycled Sea Mines

Sea mines furniture 2 green
Estonian sculptor Mati Karmin has some wonderful ideas for many different ways of reclaiming sea mines, as furnishings.
Sea mines furniture 3 green
This tough and durable bathtub is just one…

Sea mines furniture 1 green
There’s the desk.

Sea mines furniture 5 green
For a cozy fireplace, you could choose this style, or …
Sea mines furniture 10 green

…this one.
Sea mines furniture 8 greenFor seating around the fireplace, choose something like this revolving chair…
Sea mines furniture 9 green

…or perhaps, this rolling one.
Sea mines furniture 4 green
Put a couple of of cold beers on this manly coffee table.
Sea mines furniture 6 green
After warming yourselves by the fire, why not take your steam punk baby out for a tough little stroll in his steam punk baby carriage.
Sea mines furniture 7 green
All these inventive ways to reclaim sea mines were on display at the Retretti Art Centre in Finland.

Karmin, the Estonian artist who reinvented these sea mines as furniture lives in an area with a wealth of steam punk material. In the ’90s, the departing Soviet army burned the explosives out of mines that had been stored for a century, leaving a multitude of cases scattered around.

These were the material the artist worked with. Lots of empty shells were taken to the mainland as scrap-iron during the cleaning of the island. There is still an existing field of mines in Mädasadam as a tourist sight.


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