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Futuristic Indian Eco Community Follows Traditional Vastu Rules

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A new way for living in the 21st century enabling humanity to coexist in harmony with the natural world is demonstrated by OOZE architects for Gundala, near the city of Hyderabad in India.

‘Forest Life’ is an eco-community mixed residential and commercial project incorporating natural living in symbioses with nature.

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Each living unit has one front access to a street and one back access to the green.

The garden is experienced as an extension of the living room.

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Every unit is unique.

A climatic skin reinterpreting the traditional ornamental “Jali” (perforated stone or latticed screen) wraps around the living spaces.

It is an evolving feature which can change according to the orientation and the privacy requirements for each unit.

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Each of the units is different, but common features are roof gardens, patios and balconies that invite the surrounding nature, blurring boundaries between inside and outside.

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Each unit is accessible by car, on foot or by bicycle.

The interconnections between the different small quarters were one of the most important criteria of the urban design.

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The client brief was very strict about following Vastu principles, resulting in a specific orientation north and south, and precise rectangular proportions.

Forest Life1 green

An ecological greenbelt of forest winding through the site allows for migrations through the development keeping the surrounding ecosystem intact.

forest life3 green

The greenbelt creates an interesting combination of a strict matrix grid and the natural elements of the site: forest, water, topography.

Every place can be reached via a network of pathways, both manmade and natural, through the green space.

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