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Design Dilemma: Flat-pack Furniture On a Dime

cardboard2 furniture 2

Have you ever yearned for lightweight, sustainable furniture that can fold down to a flat pack when it’s time to move? If so, you may be happy to hear about the furniture from Karton. Karton’s pulp pieces are German-made.  Every piece is flat-packed but unfolds to reveal a sturdy, economical piece of useful furniture. According to Karton,  “a clever (and relationship-saving) system of folds and tabs makes assembly a cinch with no tools or glue required. The result is stunningly simple cardboard furniture you can live with; equal parts brute strongman and lightweight drifter. Move it, store it, recycle it or leave it exactly where it is“. The best part of all is that Karton’s pieces cost only a few dollars each, making it possible to furnish an entire apartment or home for practically nothing.

cardboard1 furniture 2

Above, imagine waking up in a cardboard bed.  The “Paperpedic” is a cardboard bed base which can morph from a single bed to a king-sized bed in minutes. The bed has a load capacity of close to a ton and can sleep several people comfortably. You can add drawers if you’re in need of extra storage. The cost of the bed is only $188. Four drawers are $62.

cardboard6 furniture 2

Above, check out the Paperpedic bedside table which can accompany your bed. The table, which includes a drawer and an open storage space below, costs $74.

Below, the cardboard wizardry extends to a work storage unit which could be used for files, magazines and other work papers. The unit costs $312.

cardboard3 furniture 2

Below, check out a Karton end table. The table costs $74.cardboard5 furniture 2

And here’s a detail shot, showing exactly how the tables are constructed:

cardboard4 furniture 2

Ready to pulp out your home? Check out the full Karton collection.

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