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Garages With Glass Doors? Yes, For the Cleaner Cars of Our Future

In the future, when we all drive clean electric cars, it won’t seem so dirty to have a smelly car in an attached garage, because our electric cars won’t be any more smelly than, say, a computer or than any other electric-and-electronic appliance.

BP Glass4 green

This is a trend.

When we switched from horses to horsepower, we would not have dreamed of keeping the horse in the house. We thought it was a big improvement moving to the auto mobile. But that was before we knew about how dirty fossil fuels are – so now we are about to make another change to cleaner and smarter cars.

BP Glass1 green
For a future of cleaner cars, a garage like this might seem just right. Although perhaps it is going just a bit far to provide a clean well-lighted place for your electric cars out there alone in the garage at night!

BP Glass3 green

Here, a combination of the milky glass and aluminium looks good together. The company that makes these glass doors for the garage of the future (Glass Garage Doors) also makes gates.

BP Glass5 green
And, of course, glass windows and doors, that can also match the garage doors so that the garage disappears into the totality of the building aesthetic.

BP Glass6 green
The colors of the glass could be employed to pick up and subtly contrast with the colors of the building.

BP Glass2 green
But however you do it, glass on the garage door does mitigate that horrible blank look of the huge garages that now dominate suburban homes. Maybe because we are used to the idea that glass means that there’s someone home behind a window. And soon, with smarter cars, there is. Sort of.

SOURCE: Glass Garage Doors

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