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Glide on a German Waterway in This Bauhaus Hausboot

hausboot1 green
Architects don’t have to restrict themselves to land-based building, as we see here with this elegant design from the German firm Rost Niderehe Architects. They can design sleek and sophisticated “hausbootes” like this one which sits on the Eilbekkanal river in Hamburg, Germany.

hausboot2 green
A houseboat interior does not have to be poky. Usually houseboats don’t have two stories, but this one shows why it makes sense.

hausboot6 green
It means the interiors can be spacious and curvaceous. Only the kitchen and dining room is on the top floor. Living, sleeping and bathing is downstairs.

hausboot3 green

Downstairs, behind this curved wall, is a bathroom.

hausboot4 green

Behind that are stairs leading down to this almost-below-deck bedroom.

hausboot7 green

Like a previous houseboat from this firm, this new one uses a curvy brown wood to make a nautical statement with a slightly Art Deco air.

hausboot5 green

But unlike most wooden-paneled boats, inside, it is decidedly open and airy, modern and uncluttered.

Source: Ecofriend

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  1. fivi Says:

    neat…. i wish i had a house boat. spread the word about your creative work

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