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Greenhouse Inspires Green House

Modern Greenhouse 3 green

The humble polyethelene greenhouse is well-known for its affordability and heat trapping ability, but the material is hardly what we might associate with eco architecture. Yet here, the utilitarian plastic sheeting is used effectively across the entire front of an architectural gem.

Modern Greenhouse 1 green

Clear enough to see out of, the sheathing keeps the large open loft-like live/work space within warm and toasty for pennies.

Modern Greenhouse 2 green

Designed by Carl Verdickt in Belgium, the archetypal housing box shape forms a ready-made, easily sub-dividable steel structure contained within a curtain wall of typical greenhouse polyethylene.

Modern Greenhouse 5 green

Project Greenhouse is furnished minimally with whites and woods to complement the feeling of ‘openness’ that prevails throughout the abode.

Modern Greenhouse 6 green

Inside the large open loft space within, the internal walls can be relocated.

Modern Greenhouse 4 green

The layout is that of a reverted house layout in which the private quarters are located underneath the public spaces of the house situated on the open loft space above.
Modern Greenhouse 3 green

This reversal makes it possible to have privacy for bathing and sleeping on the ground floor, while maintaining an airy public live/work space above.

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