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Luxury Maldives Dhigu Eco Resort is Above Sea Level… for Now

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The Maldives are some of the most beautiful islands in the world, and tourism provides income for its people. We have covered some of its wonderful resorts here before, and Anantara’s Dhigu Resort is another. Anantara is a Sanskrit word meaning “without end”.

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But sadly, the Maldives are not in fact, “without end”. The sea is rising. The Maldives are set in the Indian Ocean near the equator, in a region that will bear the brunt of climate change. The nearby Sandurban Islands have begun sinking already, and the Maldives are likely to be next.

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For this reason, it is a bittersweet image, of a place that will be no longer, because climate change will bring rising seas to overwhelm the beautiful but low-slung island chain.

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Within a century, this place will be no longer.

Perhaps for that reason, a visit should not just relax the traveler, but also serve as a reminder to do what we can to lower our personal, national and global carbon footprint as much as we can.

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Very little energy is expended here in this eco lodge. The simple life can be luxurious, as this entirely open ventilation bathroom shows.

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A serene and private outdoor bath is ringed by a natural pebble drain, and cooled by cross breezes.

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Locally harvested tropical woods and locally grown cotton sheets are used in creating a green and natural bedroom.

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Likewise, local handicrafts are supported in the decorative textiles chosen.

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Together with candles, high efficiency lighting sets a romantic mood by night, and by day, the turquoise seas surround you. But not for long.Dhigu 10 green

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