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Herriot + Melhuish Update the New Zealand Bach for Climate Change

Waimarama House1 green
This coastal bach in Waimarama, catching the world’s first glimpse of each new day, is a house prepared to move, if the sands and tides shift against it.

In New Zealand there are now rules against building too close to sea level. So Herriot + Melhuish designed the lowland bach to be transportable.
Waimarama House2 green
Rather than root it in place with concrete, the house is actually designed to be easily split up and moved to higher ground as needed. The cladding of natural oiled cedar weatherboards conceals the transport-sized modules that the living room and studio section of the house can be broken down to on the road.
Waimarama House3 green
Along the side, lightweight weathered zinc sheets make up the shed-style bedrooms – based on traditional New Zealand ‘shearers’ quarters.’ It is a lightweight and transportable house, and the winner of a New Zealand Architecture Award.
Waimarama House4 green

Sheltered from the harsh coastal winds, the swimming pool is in the back – capturing the sunshine from the North, and providing outdoor family space – strongly connected to the house and sheltered from the afternoon sea breezes.
Waimarama House5 green
Unlike most New Zealand coastal baches, this one is designed for year-round living, so it is fully insulated and finished. Above this family area in the main house is a studio and a study.

Waimarama House6 green
As the world turns, New Zealand’s North Island is the recipient of the first rays of each new day’s morning sun. The front of the house in Waimarama faces East to the coast of Hawke’s Bay on the North Island.

This bach is the first to face a new day in another way too, in being designed to cope with the big climate changes to come, later in this century and in those that follow.


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