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To Build a Home Cheaply, a Young Briton Escapes to Zanzibar!

Zanzibar house1 green
Here is an extraordinary and completely off-grid house, built with the help of local craftsmen by a complete novice – and for just $35,000!

A young man from England escaped the 9-5 routine and struck out with this entirely new life, in Zanzibar.
Zanzibar house3 green
Making use of local Zanzibar building techniques, and local builders, this twenty-something was able to economize, and build a mortgage-free home for life.
Zanzibar house2 green
The house is built green, and off-grid, of necessity. Not only are all the materials locally sourced, but the coastal site can create its own electricity supply: that is a 4 KW wind turbine being erected there. Far from the grid, of necessity, the house is totally energy-independent.
Zanzibar house5 green
A locally built turbine produces 700 kilowatt hours of power a month – more than enough for almost any home – even in the developed world. In addition, a solar hot water heater provides the warm water needed for showers.
Zanzibar house6 green
While the wind turbine brings electricity into the home, native craftsmen impart a charming local style to the details.
Zanzibar house4 green
As well as Africans, many Arab, Indian and Chinese people also live in Zanzibar and contribute to the local building vernacular.
Zanzibar house7 green

But its not just a one way street. His own work is with a local tour company in Zanzibar, doing their web design, programming and online marketing.

He plans to start to provide free training to local people in basic IT skills so they can be eventually be employed by the company to work on real world clients, giving them work opportunities that were not otherwise available on the island.
Zanzibar house8 green
That is – when he is not entertaining his very envious young friends from the home country come to see how on earth he made his magnificent escape!


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6 Comments so far to “To Build a Home Cheaply, a Young Briton Escapes to Zanzibar!”
  1. Heather Says:

    This is it! I love the view, the house is lovely, but what I like the most is that it is off the grid and is self sufficient in producing its own energy, for free! People need to transcend their thinking, so we can try harder for greener energy sources even in more populated, urban areas. I love this house.

  2. mianne Says:

    we are very interrested in your experience , please how can we get in touch, we live on znz and planning to build next months……please take contact

  3. sidi Says:

    thank you for the pics and the info, could you please send me your telephone number, i would like to contact you.

  4. AA Says:

    Please send an email with your contact would like to talk to about the house

  5. Thomas Says:

    Can you please send me your email adres? So i can exchange some thoughts/information with you.



  6. Johan Says:

    Hi very interrested to have a talk, my friend asked me to design a house north on the island. Please send me your e-mail, have some questions about the processes and those things.



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