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How Would You Re-Imagine this Gorgeous Abandoned Skyscraper?

beekman atrium green

Hidden in the hustle and bustle of New York City is a beautiful abandoned skyscraper. It was built during the heyday of soaring skyscrapers designed to pierce the heavens with their “modern” Fin de Siecle peaks, as modernity was imagined at the at the end of the 19th century.

Now it has been discovered by a New York location scout for the film industry, who blogs about his discoveries at Scouting New York – and no doubt it will be re imagined as a set for a 21st century movie.

beekman outside green

All around this mysterious building – which looks from the outside like so many others in New York – New Yorkers live their busy lives, unaware of the charming and romantic secrets within its typical New York exterior.

beekman hotel green

There is something strangely spooky about such a beautiful building that so long ago fell into disuse being abandoned in the middle of a thriving city. It is as if it must be haunted.

beekman glass green

The entire center is  a very ambitious period atrium, which brings light nine floors down right into the interior.

beekman entry green

The entry… ah… needs a little work.

beekman atrium green

But the view up is staggering. For nine stories, ornate cast-iron railings twirl up and up through a light-filled atrium.

beekman top1 green

How would you re-imagine this? Somewhat mysteriously and decrepit student dormitories for the disenchanted? A low key backpacker’s hostel with a touch of old Venice? Or perhaps a romantic palatial residence for just one of New York’s  1%?

Well, soon we’ll know. In 2008 someone purchased number 5 Beekman for $50 million and will redesign it as a hotel – I hope they keep its best points.

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2 Comments so far to “How Would You Re-Imagine this Gorgeous Abandoned Skyscraper?”
  1. Steam Showers Says:

    Theres is simply so much potential in a building like that. I personally would convert them into spacious loft appartments.

  2. Tenant Insurance Says:

    What an amazing building! Using it for a classic commercial space would be perfect.

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