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Humane Office Building is Eco Friendly Too

Sozawe green
This beautiful skeleton-like stairway to the sky is eco-friendly too. These stepped roof terraces going up towards the sun provide the varied light conditions and shaded areas to encourage growth on each of these green roof terraces created by the stepped design.

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On the sunny side of the building, the huge thermal mass exposure coming in – note that this is through five full floors of windows – acts to hold and slowly release warmth  from the gigantic expanse of concrete floor exposed during the cold winter months.

Although form follows function here – this is to maximize the thermal mass – this shape has gorgeous clarity.

Sozawe2 green
Each of the nine floors have their own terraced gardens, each has access to its own outdoor space with not just grass, but shrubs and even trees.

Sozawe3 green

This office building at Groningen in the Netherlands is designed by the architectural firm NL Architects to be both humane and inviting.

Source: Jetson Green

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