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Instant Habode is a Tiny Elegant Prefab

Here is prefab minimalism for the masses.

The prefab company Habode builds streamlined abodes that suit the on-the-go lifestyle we really live.Habode1 green The detailing is no nonsense, elegant, modern, simple, solidly constructed.
Habode2 green
There’s nothing you don’t need, and everything you do need.
Habode3 green
This solidly constructed prefab takes only a few hours to put up at the site, from its arrival onsite in a metal cocoon
Habode4 green
on the back of a container truck
Habode5 green
to its full unfolding as a complete home hours later. That’s because the prefab is fully constructed in the factory,
Habode6 green
more like the mass production line of an automobile assemblyline.

It arrives complete with  all its services hard-wired into the structure, engineered for complete reliability. Built to withstand extreme weather – not only can it resist a grade 5 cyclone, but the sustainable details include:

  • Double glazing on all the windows
  • Solar power and waste heating capabilities
  • Significant thermal and sound insulation
  • Steel construction for longevity
  • Butterfly roof for rainwater capture
  • Water saver cistern, tap and shower capabilities
  • Low energy fluorescent downlights
  • On-demand instantaneous water heating systems


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