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Take Kagu: Modern Bamboo Furniture by Sachiko Segawa

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Recently graduated from Sweden’s Konstfack University, Japanese designer Sachiko Segawa presents her final degree project Take Kagu. Its name literally means “bamboo furniture” and is inspired by Segawa’s childhood memories of a bamboo forest and a new material – bamboo plywood. Using this new bamboo material, the designer created several pieces of furniture which in her words should “create a bamboo forest feeling “. Though there are several problems with bamboo forests, continues Segawa, bamboo is regarded as very ecological and sustainable material. We sincerely wish good luck to this new designer and lots of inspiration in the process of creating great pieces of modern furniture like these ones.

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One comment so far to “Take Kagu: Modern Bamboo Furniture by Sachiko Segawa”
  1. Andre Says:

    Beautiful pieces. Even the shadows coming off this furniture looks like it was thought out and designed.

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