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Low Carbon Cooking: Use Gas Only for the Stovetop

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A frequent question from those installing a solar roof to supply their electricity is — should they now switch their gas stove to an  electric one so that they can power their family meals off their new rooftop power station of solar panels, thus lowering their carbon footprint even more.

And just as frequently, another member of the family objects on the grounds that they just can’t broil their beloved steaks well on an electric stovetop.  (Eating steak has its own heavy carbon footprint, but putting that aside…)

Here’s a very elegant compromise…

A gas stovetop only.

Use an electric stove for routine cooking powered off the solar roof,  and use this gas stovetop for the special occasion steak dinners.

This entire unit has a laboratory-like modern minimal style which also makes for easy cleaning.

tilekitchen3 green
The way the backsplash bends up the wall discourages the crud buildup behind the sink that so often accumulates in the joint behind the sink in the corner if it is not so cleverly designed.

That the faucets come out from the wall, rather than from behind the sink adds to this cleanliness. The whole thing is beautiful paired with this similarly minimal counter area for the cutting board and sink.  I like the way the various functions are also executed in shaped ceramic tile – the multipurpose hooks and the containers for herbs growing onsite on the kitchen wall.
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If this is modular tile – a custom built onsite unit, then I would make an entire wall of the plant container tiles.

We already grow  a variety of herbs in our garden: including frequently needed Basil, Rosemary and Thyme, but to be honest, half the time I put off going outside to get them when I’m cooking because it means bringing my muddy feet back inside when I’m not going to be out gardening all afternoon.

Cooking is a different mindset, and half the time I’m in a hurry. If there were containers of herbs growing right on my kitchen wall though, the salads to go with those rare steaks would be far better tasting.

Susan Kraemer sells solar power in Northern California.

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    So where can one buy those cool modular tiles?

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