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Spanish All Solar House Churns Out Electricity

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The two countries that are faring the worst from the early signs of climate change are Spain and Australia. Both nations are drying up and blowing away with encroaching desertification.

They are also the two with by far the most innovative solar technology. There’s probably some connection there…

For example here’s a very clever solar-centric home from Spain that not only has an entirely (485 square foot) solar roof that moves in relation to the sun all day to squeeze out every last possible electron from sunpower –but even the walls are solar power stations churning out electricity too.

I hope it doesn’t buzz inside like a transformer! I’m a huge fan of solar powered zero carbon dwellings, but even I think this is possibly going a bit far.

This house literally would be a power station.

“The house’s interior is a unique transportable module that includes all the technology needed for energy self-sufficiency, since not only is energy captured by the solar panel on the roof but also by vertical panels on the walls that also move in keeping with the Earth’s rotation.”

It will show here at this year’s  Solar Decathlon organized by the U.S. Department of Energy in October.  A solar city is constructed at the Washington Mall in October where all the solar houses competing are displayed. Each home is judged on 10 criteria including style, innovation, efficiency, lighting design, engineering, market viability, appliances and home entertainment.

In 2010 Madrid will host the first of these in Spain: the Solar Decathlon Europe.

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