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Option House by Bauart – many options in a small package

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What would you say about a prefabricated home that can be set up anywhere and is adaptable to different needs? Great? Absolutely! The modular concept “Option House” from Swiss architects Bauart is all of that and even more. The project’s main objectives were versatility, simple and fast assembly, ease of transport, spatial and functional efficiency. The small Option house is a small wooden rectangular “box” with regular proportions and offers 678sq. ft. total floor area. If you need more living space you can always take advantage of Option’s possibility to combine. The house is made of prefabricated wooden frames, finished with wooden panels and strips, and prefabricated foundations that can be assembled on site. Moreover, Option can be put up in a single day and moved anywhere you decide, thanks to its well planned structure and small dimensions. Four windows on each outside wall provide enough sunlight and fresh air to every part of the house. In general, flexibility, beautiful simplicity and smart design are what make Option house such an appealing home option.

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