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Visual Trickery: Tips to Ensure a Small Room Looks Larger Than it Is

Modern homes, studio apartments and rented spaces in big cities have a tendency to be too small. And often people tend to resign to the fact that they can do very little to change that. Its is not always about how big your home actually is, but how well you decorate it and how smartly you design it to ensure that it appears grand. Maximizing the available space not just in utility but also aesthetically is only possible with some elegant and creative solutions.

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Here are a few simple, yet efficient tips that will give you and your guests the feeling that the small space that you live in is a lot bigger than it really is!

Appropriate colors and shades

Creating an uncluttered room for the eye starts with painting the room right. Most often it is suggested that you use the more sober and sorter shades for the living room, while you can tone it up a tad bit for your bedroom. The colors shouldn’t be suffocating, but they must exude a feeling of being liberated. The feeling of creating openness is increased only by using lighter shades along with the right texture.

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Remove clutter and tidy up the space

If you own a home where space is a premium then it would be hard to create a grand image unless you actually start throwing away stuff that you do not really need and use. De-clutter as much as you can as you can only hide the trash that much. Proper planning and organizing can help create an impression that there is more space available but even that will not help if you allow trash to pile up.

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Pick the right furniture and arrange it smartly

There are two aspects to decorating you small home with furniture that will define its look and give you the desired results. The first aspect will be the way you organize what you have. Always have a clear and well-defined centerpiece for every room and start spreading outward from here. This will ensure that stuff does not get swamped at a single corner. Secondly, pick furniture that suits the needs and dimensions of your home. If the walking space is not ample enough, then your room will look real small and congested. So rather than thinking big, think smart!

Use the right lighting and enhance it with mirrors

Like any other decorating tip, usage of lighting can make or break the look of a room. Good natural ventilation and artificial lighting are all the more crucial in making a small space look larger than it truly is. Lighting gives you a sense of freedom, while the dark space tend to cramp and suffocate. So spend extra time on lighting and use mirrors smartly to add glow and even depth to your room. Using mirrors it’s all about creating a visual illusion!

Use efficient built-ins and smart furniture

One can only eek out that much from altering stuff aesthetically without actually implementing space saving measures. To give a room a larger and more spacious feel, use furniture with less leg space and higher up from the floor. Also use smart built-ins and multipurpose furniture that can double up when needed.

Creating more out of less is all about thinking smartly and being daft. When you implement these tips and changes you will actually see how much it can change the feel of your home. So go ahead and give it a shot!

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