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Prefab Igloo Survives Sub Zero Temperatures

Icewall One4 green
We have so many prefab companies making regular old square based insta-buildings, but what if we need a cozy dome in which to survive arctic winters?

This igloo-like prefab is; like an igloo – well designed to withstand sub zero temperatures, high winds, ice and snow.

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Icewall One, the Australia-based manufacturer designed these pre-fabricated remote shelter to create an instant and transportable home away from home for scientists based in inclement climes.

But they don’t have to function only as research stations. Eco tourists like them too.

(Also penguins, apparently.)

Icewall One2 green

Made of lightweight fiberglass, the modular igloo consists of 8 molded wall panels with 4 self-supporting floor panels. The fiberglass walls have polyurethane insulation with an R-value of a little over  R-5; better than a tent, and there is ventilation at the top.

It stands about 10 feet high. The shockproof double-glazed polycarbonate window panes should keep out a lunging bear.

Icewall One1 green

You can tow it into place behind a snowmobile, boat, truck or even a helicopter. Then you can tie it down with stakes – or for something more permanent; bolt it to a foundation.

Photos Petra Quillfeldt
Via Inhabitat

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2 Comments so far to “Prefab Igloo Survives Sub Zero Temperatures”
  1. Chris Eggimann Says:

    Interesting, but what does a fiberglass igloo have to do with home design?

    What sort of heat source does this use?

  2. messenger Says:

    What is your definition of "eco-tourist"? I believe an eco-tourist is someone who avoids ecologically valuable areas.

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