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Architect Plans Ahead: Harvests Utah Rainwater

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AJC Architects have thought ahead to a hotter Utah in the sensible ideas incorporated into their  Wetland Discovery Point educational building that helps educate Utah schoolchildren about nature.

These are the green ideas in order of importance to sustainable design:

  1. On-site solar panels for green electricity – to make net zero energy onsite;
  2. Solar thermal collectors for hot water supply and radiant floor heating;
  3. Radiant cooling via infloor cold water in the same circuits in summer; (great idea!)
  4. 10-ft high trombe wall collects passive solar heat;
  5. Butterfly roof for rainwater collection;
  6. Rainwater collection used for toilets/landscaping;
  7. Drought tolerant, native landscaping;
  8. Maximimum openings for natural ventilation;
  9. Low-water use fixtures and plumbing;

In addition there are the usual elements that garner so many LEED points:

  1. 95% of the construction waste is recycled.
  2. Use of FSC-certified woods and low VOC products.
  3. High recycled content materials used throughout.

…and indeed, this building has gained LEED Platinum certification, the third to do so in Utah.

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It’s a good example of the self-sufficient new design vernacular in sustainable design – including net zero solar power and the new butterfly roofs for rainwater harvesting for a water constrained future.

Utah in the American Southwest is an arid land and will be increasingly drought-prone as our hotter future heats up the region.

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Via Jetson Green

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