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Sebastian Mariscal: Loving Design for Humans in Nature

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When I saw this image, I immediately recognized the distinctive quality of Mexican architect: Sebastian Mariscal.

We have covered his work on the Southern California Green Solar House as well as his experiments with charcoaling wood to get this interesting silvered blackened wood that you see used here on the exteriors.

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He takes the simplest of life’s moments and imbues them with such peace through design.

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His extremely restricted palette of colors and the natural richness of darkened wood is a traditional Japanese theme.

The simplicity wakes you up, and forces you to experience life right here, in a traditional Japanese approach to design, rooted in ancient philosophy, that is needed more than ever in today’s frazzled world.

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By not grabbing for everything he achieves a distinctive purity of line and serene peace. Much of the view is shut off. This enables a focus on the here and now.

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He shows respect for the creators of the world’s most sustainable material, wood, by providing an opening in the wooden fence for the trees to continue to manufacture building material…

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He makes the human participant in nature, sleep utterly open to the warmth of sun and sky in Southern California.

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But essentially, he designs homes for families to share and experience the beauty and joy of life.

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